Isabel Dorado Liñán

Junior Leader postdoctoral researcher at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid

España, 2018

Dr. Isabel Dorado Liñán is a forest ecologist and understanding how tree and forest growth are affected by past and current changes in environmental conditions has been the backbone of her research interests. She finished her Ph. D. in 2011 co-supervised by the Universitat de Barcelona and the Helmholtz Zentrum Potsdam (Germany) in the frame of a European Project aiming at estimating climate variations in Europe over the last millennium using climate subrogates such as tree rings. As a postdoc, she moved to the Technical University of Munich for almost three years and later to the CIFOR-INIA (Spain) to broaden her expertise and work on the impacts of global warming on forests of temperate and boreal tree species. The results of those projects showed that forests at drought-prone areas such as the Mediterranean Basin are at a greater risk of mortality under a warmer and dryer climate. The funding provided by ”la Caixa” postdoctoral Junior Leader Fellowship Program will allow to go one step further and perform modeling experiments to forecast future changes in tree species dominance and mortality patterns in the Mediterranean Basin. The results obtained may assist in establishing feasible forest management plans to boost our capacity to take advantage of the changes or at least to minimize the detrimental impact and combat environmental degradation.



España, 2018

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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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Integrated assessment of future climate change impacts on rear-edge forests growth at the Mediterran

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Universitat de Barcelona

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