Antonio Ballell Mayoral

Estudiante de doctorado en Palaeobiology en University of Bristol, Brístol

Reino Unido, 2017

He is born in Cáceres in 1995. He graduates in 2017 from a BSc in Biology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, receiving the Honours Mention to the best academic record. During this period, he carries out two internships in the Hereditary Metabolic Diseases Laboratory at "Severo Ochoa" Molecular Biology Centre (2015) and in the Geominero Museum (2016). He also participates in a palaeontological excavation course in Las Hoyas Konservat-Lagerstätte, Cuenca (2015). He graduates from the MSc in Palaeobiology of the University of Bristol with distinction, winning the Curry Prize 2019 of the Geologists' Association, awarded to the best masters thesis in Earth Sciences of all universities across the UK. Currently, he is doing a PhD in Palaeobiology at University of Bristol on the anatomy, biomechanics and macroevolution of early dinosaurs. He speaks English and French.



Reino Unido, 2017

Universidad o centro de destino

University of Bristol

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MSc Palaeobiology

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Universidad de origen

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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